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Start Part Time

Start Part Time


How many times have you been asked to join something because you were tempted by the offer of making $10,000 a month?

When I 1st started in Network Marketing I was constantly getting side tracked by board games and funny money programmes that promised the big money. It got better. You were normally promised the big money and the need to sell anything was minimal and you were going to get ‘spillover’ from those above you and it seemed so easy and before you knew it the $300 or $400 has been paid and then reality set in.

Oh … I need to be good at recruiting to make real money. But I am new and don’t know how to. Could you help please?……… Is anyone there? ……Hullo?

Then the next phone call is from the same sponsor who has a new program that is better than the last one and this will be different and if you pay your entry fee you will be looked after and you will get spillover and you will be trained and Bang… there goes another $300.

If this sounds familiar don’t worry. We have all been there.

From my own experiences I have tried enough of them to know that those who get in 1st do well and those who have large lists do well and when the buzz dies away after a couple of months the operators pocket a lot of cash and then pop up with another ‘better’ scheme later.

For some people that is fine but for me I would prefer to build a long term business that will here in 12 months or 120 months time.

I would prefer to offer someone new the opportunity to start earning a small amount of income from home every month while training them to grow their business to the level of income they desire. If that means it takes 3 years to learn how to earn $10,000 a month then so be it but they will know that every dollar they invest will be returned and will be returned with growth, then I am happy.

It is very rare that someone can start full time in Network Marketing and make a full time income straight away.

It is common though that everyone can develop a full time income from Network Marketing if they are prepared to follow a system and put in some honest work over time.

Invest in yourself and partner with a team of champions who are in this business for the long haul with a company that has been around for along time.

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Take Action Now!

How many times have you been on a training call and come away so motivated and inspired that you just knew anything was possible?

The good intentions then get distracted by either a phone call or the need to check your emails in case you’ve received notification that you’ve made another sale or you need to tidy your desk  or wash the car or one of a hundred little tasks that can become very important instead of getting on with the thing that you know you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

I have a large white board in my office and I have my long term goals penned up there so I can focus on them every time I enter the room.

I also have system cards that are a little bigger than a business card that I keep in my wallet and I have my goals written on those  as well. It means every time I get my wallet out I can scan my goals.

I find it helps to keep me laser focused. I also like to draw flow charts so that I can plot the planned progress I plan to make.

All these little tricks however aren’t going to be of any value unless I ‘Take Action Now!’

When I first started in Network Marketing I had raw ambition but I was over whelmed with terminology and trying to work out how to do a  presentation and the list of reasons why I couldn’t seemed to grow bigger by the day.

I was sharing this with my sponser and he calmly said “Aim to be here in 12 months time and talk to someone you know today and everyday about the opportunity you are excited about. It doesn’t matter if they don’t sign up, just tell your story. do that often enough and the sales will come.”

He was right and I have proved time and time again that Activity Precedes Sales and that more people will say ‘No’ to you than those who will say yes.

Not making enough sales? Then you are not talking to enough people. The more people you talk to the better your story will become. The better your story becomes the more people will say Yes to you.

Check your written goals to make sure that they are specific and meaningful to you.

Identity the activity you need to do in order to achieve them and then JUST DO IT NOW!

Make the next 30 days the start of the next 30 years of your life.





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Enthusiam Sells

Too often people get put off going into Network Marketings because they think they can’t sell.

It’s true that some people have more natural confidence than others but in my experience the key to selling anything is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm sells. If you have ever watched the infomercials then you will know what I mean about enthusiasm.

Now I am not recommending we all go around dripping with insincerity but those folk are so enthusiastic about the latest greatest weight loss machine or super knife set or what ever that you can’t help but either take notice or switch off.

How often have you seen a movie that you enjoyed and recommended it to a friend.

Had a good experience at a restaurant? It’s easy to recommend it to a friend.

Had a nice job done on your car? You share it with your friends.

Think about it for a moment. What are you doing?

You are selling! Maybe not in a paid fashion but you are still selling. Chances are good next time your friend is looking for a meal out or a movie to watch or a place to get work done on the auto then they will remember your rec0mmendation.

Network Marketing is like that. You tell your story to enough people and you will  build your business.

Last year my Network Marketing company took 325 of it’s top performers on a luxury Mediterranean cruise.

The experience was amazing and the common theme from the attendees was the enthusiam they had for the company and the product. I didn’t come across one person who was  not happy to be there. The reason we were there was because of the product we sold and the system we used to sell it.

Now without enthusiam it would have been a boring trip. In fact nobody would have qualified if they hadn’t been fired up about it.

So it you are thinking about earning an additional income from home but have been put off because you don’t feel you are a natural salesperson then think again.

We have a system that will provide you with skills that you will need to be successful.

All we need is you to join us and bring your enthusiasm to our business and together we will show you how you can have all that you desire.

Take the time to make the time to change the direction you are going in your life and team up with a group of people who are committed to growing a strong home based business that can change your life.







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Take Action Every Day

Take Action Every Day


Those of you who know me personally know that I get very focused on achieving my goals.

It reinforces the need to have clear and concise written goals so that energy and time isn’t wasted.

My old running coach Olympic Bronze medalist Barry Magee said to me a couple of years ago when we were having a catch up ‘you were always a big dreamer’ and he qualified that by saying without big dreams we can’t achieve big goals.

I know as a track athlete I was always aiming for national or world records, even when I wasn’t fit enough to achieve them but I was working everyday to getting myself into the shape to have a go.

A little everyday is something we need to apply to not only fitness but to our network marketing business. Where do you want to be in your business in 12 months time?

What rank do you want to have achieved?

Does your company provide amazing life changing incentive trips?

Have you planned to attend next year’s?

Have you got a written plan outlining the steps you need to take to achieve your goals?

One year away seems like forever but if we break it down into 12 monthly subsections then the self accountability begins.

Take your 12 month goal and then decide what you need to do on a monthly basis to achieve the big goal.

You will need some markers and the month end is a good time to evaluate what you have achieved and to monitor whether you are behind or ahead of your target.

Having weekly targets helps to keep the momentum going but the real secret to achieving your 12 month goal is to have a daily list that is specific action that will move you towards your final goal.

When I was a track athlete I based my whole training around the annual National Track & Field Championships. I was confident that I was good enough to be there so I then just had to do something towards that goal every day of the year.

Achieving your business goals is no different; in fact I would say it is easier.

Our team has a system that works. We know that if you are serious about achieving in this business and you follow the plan and do the work on a consistent and persistent basis then you will have success.

The challenge is not starting; it actually knowing where you want to end up.

The late great Jim Rohn says’ For things to change… You need to change.’

My challenge to you is this.

Are your dreams big enough?

Have you crystallized them onto paper?

And finally what have you done today to change where you will be in 12 months time?

Take the time today to create the future you want tomorrow.


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Build Your Business NOW!

Build your business NOW!

Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Do it NOW!

The best time to take action on building your business is NOW.

Did you think about breathing when you woke up this morning?

Some of you will think that’s a silly question but it was meant as a thought provoker.

Breathing is something we do without having to think about it.

I maintain that building your business should be the same.

It all starts with written goals.

Why? You may well ask.

If you write your goals onto to paper and put them where you can see them frequently all day long then you don’t have to spend time and energy getting focused on what you need to do for the day.

When you have your goals committed to paper, you will have taken precious time out of your life to commit to taking on a task that is worthwhile to you.

You will have worked out whether they are really important to you.

I challenge you to put your  business goals onto paper today.

Email them to your business sponsor, mentor or upline or even email them to me if you feel any of those people won’t be receptive.

What’s so special about a written goal?

Firstly, you will have crystalised your thinking and you will then be able to spend your day working towards that goal.

If it’s not written down it’s too easy to let the time slip through your fingers and then another day has passed and you are still stuck in the starting blocks.

Writing it down will help to clarify what resources you will need to acquire and the help from specific people or organisations that will be needed.

Now here’s the exciting part. Once you have written down and decided that it’s worth aiming for, your  whole day will become very focused on working towards your goals achievement.

You will find there is an almost magnetic pull towards people who will assist in achieving your goals and an equal repel away from those who are not wanting to see you succeed.

Take the time to commit your goals to paper today!

Building your business should cover these basic goals.

1.WHY am I building my business?

2.How many people will I have to help in order to allow me to achieve my goal?

3.When am I going to achieve this goal?

4.What income do I want to earn?

Start building your business today and start with the end in mind. To get to the end you will need to know what that is and that needs to written down.

Commit your business goals to paper and start building your future today.






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