Take Action Now!

How many times have you been on a training call and come away so motivated and inspired that you just knew anything was possible?

The good intentions then get distracted by either a phone call or the need to check your emails in case you’ve received notification that you’ve made another sale or you need to tidy your desk  or wash the car or one of a hundred little tasks that can become very important instead of getting on with the thing that you know you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

I have a large white board in my office and I have my long term goals penned up there so I can focus on them every time I enter the room.

I also have system cards that are a little bigger than a business card that I keep in my wallet and I have my goals written on those  as well. It means every time I get my wallet out I can scan my goals.

I find it helps to keep me laser focused. I also like to draw flow charts so that I can plot the planned progress I plan to make.

All these little tricks however aren’t going to be of any value unless I ‘Take Action Now!’

When I first started in Network Marketing I had raw ambition but I was over whelmed with terminology and trying to work out how to do a  presentation and the list of reasons why I couldn’t seemed to grow bigger by the day.

I was sharing this with my sponser and he calmly said “Aim to be here in 12 months time and talk to someone you know today and everyday about the opportunity you are excited about. It doesn’t matter if they don’t sign up, just tell your story. do that often enough and the sales will come.”

He was right and I have proved time and time again that Activity Precedes Sales and that more people will say ‘No’ to you than those who will say yes.

Not making enough sales? Then you are not talking to enough people. The more people you talk to the better your story will become. The better your story becomes the more people will say Yes to you.

Check your written goals to make sure that they are specific and meaningful to you.

Identity the activity you need to do in order to achieve them and then JUST DO IT NOW!

Make the next 30 days the start of the next 30 years of your life.





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4 Responses to “Take Action Now!”

  1. Taking action is the most critical thing you can do in business.. Great post Gavin!! Your inspiring many including me :)

  2. Hello Gavin, You are dead on again. Taking action now is very important and exciting too. Activity leads to more activity.

  3. Viney says:

    A piece of eruidtion unlike any other!

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